Moment young lady breaks down in tears as no one showed up for her birthday party after sending invitations (Video)

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A young lady has been left heartbroken after her friends and guests did not attend her birthday partyafter sending them invitations, stirring emotions online.

An emotional video was shared by the celebrant’s mother via @sizamabaso2 and it showed the touching moment the lady burst into tears after discovering that she was the only one at her own party.

She could be seen lying on her bed and her face was buried in her hands as she sobs.

In an effort to console herself, she was seen attempting to dance and lift her spirits, a sight that left her mother deeply pained.

The video captioned, “She invited her friends to her birthday party, and they decided not to come. She cried. I was so hurt seeing my child like that, dancing and trying to cheer herself up”.

The video quickly went viral online as social media users sympathized with the young lady via comment section.

Some reactions are shown below:

Cde Petra Kuya said, “I told myself I will never 👎 ever have any form of parties, it has made my life miserable 😭 housewarming”.

Phemelo said, “Yoh I know the feeling. I’m turning 30 this year and I would never do a birthday party. I got disappointed when I was young😏😢”.

Fatso said, “Show her this: Hello baby girl🙂. I’m 31 years old and I’d probably get the same response if I tried to host a party but that doesn’t discourage me. Never think it’s a reflection of who you are.”

N said, “If you throw another party invite me ngizoza 🙋🏾”.

Tshego_Chaka said, “This may be painful, though God is protecting her from those friends. Hope one day she will understand. Take her to spur and have fun with her.”

user71900650314396 said, “🥺that’s what I fear for my soon to be 15 year old,she is so loving but like me she never get the love in return”.

Watch the video below:


she invited her friends to her birthday party 😭😭they decided not to come yoooh she cried i was so hurt seeing umntanami like that,dancing tryng to cheer herself out

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