“Hilda Baci posture no make sense at all” – Reactions trail as actor Kunle Remi posts video of some celebrities sleeping posture after a long day on set [Video]

created by photogrid

Popular Nollywood actor Kunle Remi recently sent many social media users into fits of laughter with videos he shared on his verified Instagram page.

In the posts, Kunle Remi captured how some Nigerian celebrities slept at night after a long day on set shooting a movie.

While it’s normal for celebrities to sleep after a long day at work, just like anyone else, Kunle Remi found humor in catching his colleagues off guard.

Deciding to make a mockery of his fellow actors, Kunle Remi recorded the unaware moments when his colleagues were sleeping after an exhausting day on set.

The videos featured celebrities such as Kiekie, Hilda Baci, Tamesan, Kehinde Bankole, Chidi Mokeme, Swanky Jerry, and Idia Aisien.

The sleeping postures of celebrities like Hilda Baci, who was caught with her mouth open, as well as those of Tamesan, Kiekie, Kehinde Bankole, and others, have sparked several reactions online.

Fans and followers have been entertained by the amusing clips, highlighting the lighter side of the actors’ lives behind the scenes.

Comedian Kiekie who felt betrayed after seeing the video wrote; “THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW!!!! You wee hear it! Nobody shuuuuu beg me please !!!”

Kehinde Bankole said; “I’ll just tell you, Watch your back 😂.”

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