“Na dimples be this Or Pothole” —Lady spark reactions after showing off her deep facial dimples

created by photogrid

A beautiful Nigerian lady has caused controversy on social media after showing off her deep facial dimples.

The proud lady shared photos and videos via her TikTok account @dara_smiles, revealing how unique her dimples looked.

However, some people who came across the photos did not find it attractive as they insisted it was too big. Others noted that they loved dimples no matter how awkward or strange they seemed.

Social media reactions

_petrodollar_ said: “We love dimples not deep holes.”

Shemavitidi noted: “Other areas like the thighs, maybe. But the common place is the cheeks that’s the biggest dimples I’ve ever seen on the cheeks. Wooooo.”

Best_fit_fragance reacted: “Mine is in my back at my waist line.”

Luckiifever stated: “I have dimples on my shoulders.” Fatimah_jamil6 noted: “I don’t like it.”

Shine_worthy3 said: “I like dimples, but this particular one is irritating.”

Jonn_steev added: “This one no be dimple again o e don dey resemble sickness.”

Tiff_forever2 added: “It looks like someone took a spoon and scooped her cheek out.”

Respect1_loyalty2_love3 added: “Dimples are cute but This is more of a hole than a dimple.”