“Because I mistakenly Impregnated her” – Portable drag his 4th babymama Ashabi Simple Once Again, Reveal how he impregnate her

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The internet is abuzz with news of Portable calling out his 4th wife Ashabi once again.

As earlier reported by Hitgist, the singer had called out Ashabi, claiming that she was signing cheap endorsement deals, when those deals could’ve easily been signed by him for a higher rate.

He also said that she was hiding her pregnancy why sucking in her tummy in all her pictures.

Basically, Portable was angry at the fact that she was getting endorsement deals, when he was taking care of her. The singer claimed to see no need for her getting those deals when he was funding her lifestyle.

Netizens in the comment section seemed unimpressed by Portable’s assertions, and here’s what they had to say;

damsel.barbie wrote, “This ashabi no just get sense, person wey suppose think of how to better her life and live comfortable still go carry 2nd belle”

olardunie wrote, “How do these women keep opening leg for him…. nah wah o”

teeto_olayeni wrote, “God please give me the strength to teach my children self worth and self love, to show them what true love is so they don’t settle for the barest minimum. Also I sensed this guy is full of en.vy,he doesn’t like his “women” amounting to something,he wants them to keep begging from him. He doesn’t wants an Independent lady.”

i_amdetolarock wrote, “She might just want to give birth to one man and lock up.Potable is pained that she is getting deals”

karssieberry wrote, “It is only a fool that will blame portable cos it’s obvious na this girl no get sense cos how will you even get second pregnancy for portable after all the dragging…. Oko Orun better portable cos this guy too dey torment all him baby mama”

abike_thelagosgirl wrote, “This guy is a jealous partner. He doesn’t want the girl to grow on her own. She should always come to him begging and wailing is all he desire.”

¡_rumen wrote, “Hope people realize that Portable is a very jealous and selfish person”

olufunmikaydawodu wrote, “One minute, you are the one feeding her. the next, she’s taking all your deals. Which one is it Oga?”

ifeco153 wrote, “I so much pity for that lady though she is the cause of her problems but portable dragging a pregnant women with things like this will always be senseless to me”

machoooline wrote, “Another belle again Then Ashabi is irredeemable, I wish her well”

iamlayo wrote, “There is nothing like second mistake but then no child is a mistake. She knows what is good for her. Not every women want to have kids with different surnames just that this guy is not worth it and does not have good intentions for this girl. He is that man that will oppress a woman to submission”

nini_benz6 wrote, “Multiple baby daddies isn’t something to be proud of….. it’s better she completes it with same baby daddy”

real.mona11 wrote, “You want all your woman to be at your mercy begging for food
a fkn maniac”

kkitan wrote, “Spiritual husband better pass this guy”