“What she said is right, Men need to go for women of their level” – Blessing CEO sides with Saida Boj [Video]

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Controversial therapist Blessing CEO has voiced her support for influencer Saida Boj, who has faced significant backlash from men after making bold statements about knowing her worth.

Saida Boj recently caused a social media frenzy with her remarks on the Honest Bunch podcast, leading to many finding her comments highly inappropriate.

The backlash was swift and severe, resulting in all her social media pages being banned after irate netizens reported them.

Weighing in on the issue, Blessing CEO questioned why people are attacking Saida for simply expressing her desires and knowing her worth.

She pointed out that different women have varying preferences when it comes to men, and it’s up to the men to either accept these preferences or move on.

Blessing CEO emphasized that Saida Boj’s awareness of her worth and her expectation to be compensated for it is not something to be criticized. Instead, she argued, it should be respected as her personal choice and a reflection of her self-value.

Read some comments from netizens below:

@frayvieremma said: “So I want to understand something, when a man spends money he becomes responsible 🤔”

@scientistelochi said: “Shes right anyways , it’s like entering market to buy phone if your money no reach go home”

@LighthouseCash said: “Is she a mother cos I don’t understand”

@kingdino__27 said: “So what point did she make here now?”

Watch the video below: