As a man you must have at least N50million in your account before considering marriage – Saida BOJ spills (Video)

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Social media influencer Saida BOJ has once again stirred controversy by declaring that men should have at least N50 million in their bank accounts before considering marriage.

Known for her outspoken views and vibrant online presence, Saida BOJ made this bold statement during a recent interview with media personality Blessing CEO on the latest episode of “Moments with Blessing CEO.” She emphasized that financial stability is crucial for a successful marriage and urged men to ensure they are financially secure before taking the plunge into matrimony.

Saida BOJ elaborated on her stance, stating that marriage entails significant expenses and that a man should be capable of providing for his home unless his wife is particularly understanding. Her comments have sparked a lively debate online, with many people discussing the realistic expectations and pressures of financial readiness in relationships.

As the conversation continues, Saida BOJ remains a polarizing figure, with her latest remarks adding to her reputation for making provocative and thought-provoking statements about modern relationships and financial dynamics.

In her words, “This is not social media, as a man, you should have at least N50 million in your account. You know marriage is expenses, children unless if his wife is an understanding one and I won’t advise any woman to be understanding”.

“It’s not about getting married, don’t even have a child if you do not have at least N50 million in your account”.

It can be recalled that Saida Boj, whose real name is Sarah Idija, made headline recently after stating a man can sleep with her if only he spends N20 million on her weekly

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