Iyabo Ojo, others comforts tearful Toyin Abraham during her recent outburst on live clip

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Amid a storm of harsh criticism regarding her political choices, Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham responded passionately in a live video, addressing the constant trolling she has faced recently.

Toyin Abraham publicly supported the ruling party, APC, and prominent figures like Bola Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu ahead of the 2023 elections, which led to severe backlash due to the party’s controversial track record.

Despite Tinubu and Sanwo-Olu winning the elections, the country has experienced economic hardship, with citizens’ incomes being eroded by inflation. Many blame Toyin Abraham for endorsing the government, holding her responsible for the ongoing difficulties.

During an Instagram live session, critics attacked Toyin Abraham viciously, even cursing her family members. This led Toyin to tears as she addressed her trolls with fiery anger.

Toyin Abraham reiterated that her decision to support Tinubu was her right, clarifying that she never forced anyone to follow her endorsement. She denied receiving any money for her support and expressed her frustration, stating that while she can handle personal attacks, she will not tolerate curses towards her loved ones.

In the live video, Toyin acknowledged the supportive comments from colleagues like Iyabo Ojo, music producer KSolo, BBNaija star Anto Lecky, and YouTuber Deborah Agboola.