Actress Toyin Abraham rains heavy cvrses on critics asking her to disclose President Tinubu’s plan

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Seasoned Nollywood actress and movie producer, Toyin Abraham, has sparked outrage online following a recent altercation with a troll on the microblogging platform, X (formerly known as Twitter).

It all started when a user, identified as Khaleed, called out Toyin Abraham, also known as ‘Asiwaju Baby,’ asking her to share the great plans President Bola Ahmed Tinubu had discussed with her.

In response to the troll, Toyin Abraham defended her support for President Tinubu, highlighting her belief in his vision for the country. She expressed that everyone is entitled to their opinions but should remain respectful in their discourse.

The exchange quickly escalated, with Toyin and Khaleed trading barbs. The incident sparked a wave of reactions online, with many fans and social media users taking sides and weighing in on the heated discussion.

This public spat has once again placed Toyin Abraham in the spotlight, drawing attention to the polarized political climate in Nigeria and the challenges celebrities face when expressing their political views.

@stfukhaleed wrote, “One day Toyin Abraham will tell us the great plans Baba Tinubu shared with her. One day”.

His post gained tractions online as netizens shared their thoughts with many tagging Toyin to respond to the user’s request.

In no time, another user named Anthony queried the movie star to reply the request as soon as possible. He also insulted her. He wrote, “@toyin_abraham1 if you did not tell us soon, e no go better for you.

This does not seem to sit well with Toyin Abraham as blasted the critics, raining heavy curses on him. According to Toyin, the troll will regret ever for insulting her and even threatened him to write down the date.

She replied, “E no go better for you too. Oni jere laye ati lorun. Awon abiyamo aye ati Osho ati Emere won ni yo nu si e. O ti sise lati eni lo. Oni ri idunnu aiye mo. Enu e a kan ti ti lailai”.

This led to heated argument between Toyin Abraham and the troll. The duo lashed at each other via the social media platform.

Anthony wrote, “E no go better for you and your family. Na why your movies dey always flop. Foolish woman. E no ni jere laye at orun. Awon abiyamo aye ati osho ati emere o ni yanu si iwo ai omo e. O ti sise lati Oni lo. Gbogbo awon molebi e o ni se orire…enu ma kan ti ti lailai. Iwo ati apari werey Oko e.

Checkout their argument below: