“But you you betrayed your wife for a gold digger like me” – Saida Boj fires back at Paul Okoye for criticizing her [Video]

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Saida Boj, a well-known and controversial influencer, has publicly criticized Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, after he commented on social media about the negative influence on young girls.

Rudeboy, a member of the popular Nigerian music duo P-Square, recently expressed his concern about how young girls today are being misled on social media.

In response, Saida Boj took to her Instagram page to address Rudeboy’s comments, which she believed were directed at her. She heavily criticized the musician, pointing out what she sees as hypocrisy in his statements.

Saida argued that Rudeboy, who divorced his ex-wife, is now dating a much younger woman, Ivy Ifeoma. She alleged that Ivy Ifeoma agreed to marry Rudeboy not because of love or attraction, but solely because of his wealth.

The influencer’s remarks have sparked a heated debate online, drawing attention to the complex issues of relationships, age differences, and the influence of social media on young women.

Saida Boj berated him for his post, refering to him as a Rude young boy”.

She wrote …

“Wey get dada. say dey spoil daughters dude why do you think your new wife married you? You Ex Wife Wey been understand with you wetin She gain ? didn’t you betray her for a gold digger like me likee no be Say you fine or get one kin swag Wey go make that beautiful model marry you smart girl came the money bwhhhh, help me tell her am proud Of her you be old man. no dey reason like boy under 20. One thing. Always be polite When talking to ladies do not be RUDE young BOY”