Many Runs Girls Use Acting As A Disguise Just To Gain More Guys Attention – Actress Rachel Adelaja Spill

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Popular Yoruba actress Rachel Adelaja has exposed many secret about the movie industry during and interview.

The interviewer stated that her face has been long, he heard somewhere that you started acting  since 2004 but we stopped seeing you again. But we have Started seeing you again please share your story with the viewers.

The beautiful actress stated that Thank God, indeed it was 2004 I joined the industry, i was in Ilaro polytechnic, i don come from Ilaro polytechnic to Abeokuta, that like 20 years ago, I learnt acting then till 2007 that i was dependent on myself and i was given certificate by my boss, Adegunju.

When i graduates and was looking for all mean to start acting i got discouraged, but because i was young then, it discouraged me, i have never heard it in Yoruba land that you have to be pretty or bleach your skin before you can act as an axillary nurse, I the director told me that i cant act as a nurse because i was not beautiful.  I went home and i cried all through, i even went ahead to ask Damola Olatunji if it was a must to be beautiful before you can be an actress.

But i was say the fact that same director told me two years ago that, Rachel I am still directing after 18years he humiliated me, I see all your production you are doing back to back, Do you want hungry to kill me.

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