Actress Biola Bayo shares the final note Nike wrote before she Commits Su!cide

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Actress Biola Bayo, who is grieving, reveals a handwritten note from a woman who passed away shortly after disclosing her unsettling experience on her podcast.

This happened after the actress revealed the tragic news of Nike’s passing. Nike had discussed on her podcast about her experiences having sex with dogs.

Following the news, the podcaster received a chat from an associate of Nike who found a note directed to the Biola.

In the handwritten letter, the lady who took her life right after the interview appreciated the actress for relieving the weight of her troubles.

“This The Note I Got From Her Friend ….She didn’t wait to see the interview 😭😭😭😭 she didn’t wait to see all the online bu11ies 😭😭,” the actress captioned the letter.

The letter reads, “She gave me a listening hear. How I wish I had this opportunity long time ago but I’m glad I did this at least I won’t be giving into my pains and sorrow. Mum fails as a mother but I forgive her.

“I’m also sorry I can’t wait to watch the outcome of my interview. I promise to rest well in the blossom of the Lord. Anyone seeing this should please go to my phone and send this to a contact saved as new family; tell her I’m saying a big thank you for giving me the golden opportunity.”