“I failed her, I feel like a failure” – Actress Biola Adebayo in tears as lady she interviewed on her podcast who says she is sl33ping with d0gs comm!tted su!cide (Video)

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Popular Nollywood actress Biola Adebayo is in a sad state following the tragic news that Nike, the lady she recently interviewed, committed suicide.

The emotional incident was shared via Biola Bayo’s verified Instagram page, where she was seen crying deeply after hearing the devastating news.

In the interview, Nike, whose face was not shown, revealed how she was sexually assaulted at a young age. This trauma led her to engage in self-harming behaviors and develop an aversion to men. Nike disclosed that her distress escalated to the point where she bought two dogs to satisfy her sexual urges.

The sensitive and heart-wrenching interview had a profound impact on Biola Adebayo and her followers. Nike’s tragic end has sparked a wave of sorrow and reflection on the issues of sexual abuse and mental health.

Actress Biola Bayo, visibly shaken by the news, continues to mourn the loss and express her heartfelt condolences.

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However, in a new clip shared online actress Biola Adebayo said that the lady she interviewed ended up killing herself due to cyberbullying stressing that some people claimed the interview was a formulated one.

The actress said that she sent Nike therapist, among other but she ended up k!lling herself.


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She added; “This The Note I Got From Her Friend”…. She didn’t wait to see the interview 😭😭😭😭 she didn’t wait to see all the online bu11ies 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂.”

See screenshots of the notes below and the de@d body (swipe to view more);