“Wow! This man is so humble unlike Arya star” – Moment veteran actor Dele Odule prostrates for Elderly Ebenezer Obey on stage (Video)

created by photogrid

An online video of legendary Juju musician Ebenezer Obey and veteran Nollywood actor Dele Odule during an occasion has gone viral.

Widespread emotions were sparked when Dele Odule, who has been significant in the Yoruba film business for more than 30 years, was seen falling flat on stage in honor of Ebenezer Obey.

Odule got up and stood next to Obey while he posed for photos with the Juju musician. He then placed a bundle of cash next to him.

Massive reactions were sparked by the video, with fans and followers praising the 62-year-old actor unceasingly for showing respect for Ebenezer.

Some reactions are shown below:

Roughdiamond_04 said, “All na eye service, if he was richer he won’t prostrate the way he just did.”

yinkz_01 said, “Normally, if person senior you with 5yrs and above, d way and manner you tend to respect them ehn…. Although that was then not in this dispensation where a 19yrs old girl stretches her hand to shake a 70yrs old man and uncles him uncle in the long run.”

eboadeleke said, “After all the respect he still dropped something for elder’s welfare. Anyone who does this in our culture will benefit from the blessings of our forefathers and will definitely go far.”

Watch the video below: