“People Called Me Alabosi”– Oriyomi Hamzat cried bitterly On Live Video After Being Dragged Over His Stance On Agbala Gabriel and Muyideen Saga (Video)

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Popular Human Rights Activists Oriyomi Hamzat has finally spoken out on Lives video concerning Muyideen issues

While speaking on the live video he could not control himself as he burst into tear and people are consoling him to please neglected people opinions.

Netizens reacted to his video and people are asking why he was crying and what is making him to cried

Read some social media reactions below;

Keshi_74 wrote: And why e come dey cry …..wetin bring cry come for the matter now if no be Abosi….i no support either Agbala Gabriel or Muyideen I no even follow the matter but wetin bring cry for there gangan……wahala

Heritage wrote: People who are spiritual will know that muyideen have been caused that who ever stood up to help him will regret…basic truth

Cutie_bettie wrote: Kosogbon ta le da, kosiwa talewu, ko sona talegba, tale fi taye lorun o

Olajumoke2302 wrote: Hmmmmmm our country people I hail people that were hailing agbala before were the first to turn their backs

Olasinde_olawale_sos wrote: Now you can feel the pains Agbala Gabriel was going Tru you don’t just bring people to ur program to drag them you should have addressed this issue in a mature way

Rotimi_obe wrote: Social media is full of mad people. Many of the various apps will hail you and condemned you at the same time depending on what they are feeling at any point in time. Don’t take everything here serious guys if you want to maintain your sanity. Data is too cheap!!!!

Mikky_thee wrote: It’s actually people who offer nothing that criticize those doing something. Most of the time, if you take a pig from its pen to the White House and give it the option to go out, the pig will still go back to the pen. Where were these critics when Muhideen was roaming the streets? Those pushing Muhideen to say what’s not right about this man of God will offer him nothing in return

Lordrulez_olorunwa wrote: To Whom It May Concern!
To err is human and to forgive is Almighty God, this man Agbala Gabriel has realized his mistakes and apologize, he has handover property to Mudieen and let everyone moved on this matter, let the saint or who claim to be without mistake take over from Agbala and drive Mudieen to it’s promised land

Watch The Video Below;