“You better run for your L!fe” – Lady shows her heartbreaking experience working as a nanny with the Arabs [Video]

created by photogrid

A deeply upsetting video is circulating on social media, showcasing the harrowing experience of a middle-aged lady working as a nanny with an Arab family.

The video has sparked outrage and sympathy, highlighting the plight of many nannies working under difficult conditions abroad.

The video begins with the nanny in a room with an Arab boy. What follows is a series of distressing events that reveal the severe mistreatment she endured. The boy is seen landing heavy slaps on her face, jumping on her neck, twisting it, and delivering harsh jabs to her head.

In another part of the video, the boy aggressively smashes his leg on her face and slaps her again on her already injured face. The lady, who is black, can be seen crying as she recounts her struggle to earn a living in a foreign land.

The heartbreaking clip has garnered significant attention online, with many expressing their anger and sympathy. One Instagram user, identified as Otor Roseline, was particularly outraged. She commented that the nanny should have slapped the boy or disciplined him with an Oraimo cord.

This video has highlighted the harsh realities faced by many nannies working abroad, raising awareness and calling for better treatment and protection of domestic workers globally.

She wrote; “Boy wey you suppose slapppp abi wipe mola cord.”

Reacting to the above statement, internet users corrected her as they disclosed that she would end up being in jail if the Arab country if she touched the Arab boy.

See the screenshot of the exchange below;

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adukeeorganics: I prefer to be a farmer👨‍🌾 in my country, live in a hut and have my peace, comfort and freedom than this😢😢😢 kilode 😢😢😢on top paper called currency.

_1__zelle: Keep crying until he stabs you with a sharp object!

chris_10ien: She’s allowing it and it will make the child keep doing it.. She can scold him and he will stop.

temmy_91: I rather sleep on the street than work there.

chris_10ien’: She’s allowing it and it will make the child keep doing it.. She can scold him and he will stop.

physcodude001: Omo Make them drop this boy location for Sam Larry.

mheenarh__:He has probably seen one of his parent doing this and learnt it too.