“And some children are dying of hunger” – Video of two dogs eating luxurious meal inside a palatial mansion gets people talking (Watch)

created by photogrid

A video is making the rounds on social media that shows two dogs eating luxurious meal inside a palatial mansion and by extension, it has got many people talking.

The two fresh-looking dogs were captured in the video living like a royal king in the palace and their enjoyment is second to none.

To some people in some parts of the world, dog is not just a pet but a companion they shared love with, therefore they can go to any length to satisfy the dog even more than human being by giving the dog a better life.

According to statistics, every 3.6seconds someone dies of starvation and 75% of them are children.

While there is a continuous increase in the number of people most especially children dying of starvation, the new clip of two dogs eating sumptuous food as well as huge portions of a well tenderized cooked meat among others sparked mixed reactions online.

Watch the viral video and see people reactions below;

See reactions below;

stevbo1989: Spoiled dogs lol they eating better than half of us lol.

seaoftranquility303: In the meantime somewhere in the world a child dies of hunger, while he feeds his dogs steak

traxlixx: Why don’t you just have a child then treat them like this ? SMH.

juniorp.305: my dog lasted 17 years, chow mixed with Rottweiler, we gave him rice, beans, pork, any type of meat, and hardly any dry dog food. He loved ice cream and milk. Also his favorite food was Burger King Onion Rings and sometimes drank a Corona from the bottle holding it with his two paws laying down position. We put him down due to tumors in anal was getting bad and it was hurting him, but he was still kicking at 17 years old and heart was healthy, we didn’t have the money for large surgeries. Why not let dogs eat what they want to eat… they decide for themselves.

plantbabyessex’: Animals don’t need added salt… so bad.

rsawyer_boudreaux’: Some people really have an unhealthy obsession with their dogs.🤨

officialigbum: Can I be your dog 😋😋 🥩.