“None Of His Family Member Knew My Daughter”– Late Murphy Afolabi Baby Mama Disclose Why She Does Allow Murphy Family To Be Aware Of His Daughter (Video)

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Nollywood actor Kunle Afod has invited Murphy Afolabi Baby Mama who has a daughter for him while he was still alive.

She revealed that her daughter was not opportune to meet and see his father before and none of his family members are aware that he has a daughter outside.

She also revealed how his daughter could not associate with her age mate because she is a sickle cell patients and it’s not easy for her alone to take care of the baby alone.

Kunle Afod Wrote: NI IRANTI EPS 2 Just to honor our resting Heroes  We showcase Murphy Afolabi baby mama @queen_bola1 On Kunleafod tv

Read some social media reaction below;

Buddymania773 wrote: Which kind question be that is she married to him before, she just told you she be baby mamma  all this Una rubbish programs self nawa oooo

Tosina wrote: Concentrate on your proverb challenge its fun and educative…leave this podcast of a thing,you can’t do all

Yetty_bimps wrote: To take care of sickle cell is not easy..may God strengthen her

Oluwatosyngrace wrote:  is with you. The beautiful girl looks so beautiful and innocent

Abisola.maryam wrote: E ro nu pe e fe remarry!???? She just mentioned she was a baby mama 😂

Kuharla01 wrote: The fact this lady speaks good English Take your 👑 ❤️

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