“You’re too Small for all this your Doing” —Netizen React As Emmanuella Shared New Su|try Video Online (Watch)

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“She is 14” is one of the trendy topics online following the release of a new video by renowned Nigerian skitmaker Emmanuella.

Emmanuella, a 13-year-old comedian, has had many people talking online when a video of her in a new dress showing her dancing talents went viral.

Emmanuella has been dropping stuff online in recent weeks, as if she is enjoying her vacation after months of school activities.

Emmanuella made news a few days ago when she was observed driving a vehicle while dressed in her school uniform. Many people were startled by the footage, while others said that she was not legally authorized to drive because she was under the age of 18.

However, in a recent video that has gone viral online, Emmanuella was spotted wearing a long tight gown that left the other portion of her leg wide open, exposing far too much of her skin, and that was only the beginning.

In the video, Emmanuella can also be seen showing off her curves while dancing and cat walking. The outfit also exposes the majority of her backside.

The video elicited a variety of opinions online, with many emphasizing the importance of cautioning her because she is still just 13 years old.

Watch the video below

reacting to the post;

@Geeinnblaq: If this was America or black America 13Years old child, you all will be saying aww I see nothing wrong in what she’s doing, she actually doing what she see in the internet.

@Karigwe:  Watching this video and seeing some people’s views about it will tell you how rotten some Nigerians’ minds are. If you woke up this morning to have an opinion about an entertainer trying to entertain her fans, just remember she’s 13, and she has achieved what your late 30-year-old self is still wishing as a dream. Some of your goals are her past.

@Oladapomikky1 : We need to caution Emmanuella she’s 13 for crying out loud mehnnnnn.

@Castle114004558: She isn’t 13 years old I don’t believe yet with this baddie shape ok.

@iamroeking: 13 with this backside? Cmon.

@MAJESTYOFPH: She can’t be 13 with that backside.