Agbala Gabriel did not help Muyideen, he just want to steal from him, I suggest the pastor sell the property and give him the money”- Islamic cleric Folorunsho throw full support for Muyideen

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Popular Islamic cleric Folorunsho has also revealed some fact about what happened between Pastor Agbala Gabriel and Muyideen.

Islamic cleric Folorunsho started that everyone is accusing Muyideen of being an ingrate saying that it was Agbala Gabriel who helped him, he was the one who built a house for him but he did it in his own foundation,  but if Nigerian want to be righteous about this matter, they would think that where is all his help he did.

Because Muyideen did not take any thing out from Agbala Gabriel house, both the house or even his wife, he left everything with him.

To those of you claiming Agbala Gabriel helped Muyideen, where is all the help now? I suggest Agbala Gabriel should value all of Muyideen’s property at his church and settle him

Many netizens reacted to the video

Yusuf Adbulrasheed wrote: this Muyideen so special that his case has become a public issue? There are millions of people on the street looking for help and assistance for survival. This guy should go and work. He should be given something to start a business and be left alone to survive please. Let us not be encouraging laziness please

Adedayo wrote: Ejowo iru Afa janamon wo leleyi bayi. Have you watched Muideen interview with the human right lawyers he has contradict himself and even you if you’re not careful you may spend the rest of your life in prison. Agbala Gabriel will not respond but people that will take up the course are watching your stupidity, madness and your scornfully behavior

Ajibson wrote: Folorusho should collect the documents from muhedeen and help him sell it for his customers and collect his 10% from both side because that is what he’s upto.

Folorusho Baba alalangba onijekuje, alainise.

Adeogun wrote: Agbala Gabriel cannot give him Kobo , better still they should dash the house to someone else that need it

Ishmeel wrote: He will not value or settle him anything.  Before I can accept that he didn’t help muhideen let muhideen restock the shop he use the all money play baba ijebu

Kayode wrote: Alfa go and look for better things to do with your life if you want to be trend this is not a better way to start because the muyideen you want to use as your tools is not a relevant person in the society thanks sir.

Desmond wrote: People don’t really know  they’re putting this man in problem by supporting him , a time is coming if he continues like these the body of financial crime will come for him , you’re collecting public fund without transparency just wait and see continue supporting scam  in society calling it help