“All the girls for suuffer if I fine like you” Femi Adebayo tell Timini Egbuson as lady play with only him on movie set

created by photogrid

In a playful exchange with his younger colleagues Timini Egbuson, actor Femi Adebayo revealed what he would do if he were as gorgeous as Timini.

The Instagram post shared on Friday features Femi and actor Uzee Usman walking while Timini could be heard behind the camera.

Femi praised Timini’s look and called him a “fine boy” as the latter responds, “My Oga at the top”.

“This fine boy, if I fine reach you ehnn all those babes don suffer,” Femi said, causing an eruption of laughter.

To which Timini responds “Baba you get money. You get money pass me, na money be koko.”

Earlier this year, Timini shared his candid thoughts about dating Nigerian girls during an appearance on the Menisms podcast.

“I honestly feel like, and this is me talking from my personal experience, I feel like you’ll get a better dating experience from a Nigerian girl living abroad than from a Nigerian girl living here,” he remarked, sparking further conversation on the topic.

Timini highlighted the tough competition that Nigerian women abroad face when it comes to dating. “A lot of Nigerian girls and many of my friends are baddies. I know that if they were in Lagos, they would be on their phones checking who to go on dates with. But they’re out there on dating sites in other countries,” he said.

The actor further said, “When they catch a Nigerian man who has the same values as them, who understands their jokes, and wants to watch the same shows, you’re the prize. But over here, they have options. Even the ones that aren’t the best looking.”