Blogger Stella Dimokokorkus spills reasons as PSquare allegedly Split Again

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Controversial blogger Stella Dimokokorkus has spilled about the alleged war going on between the PSqare brothers Peter and Paul Okoye.

Stella has alleged that there is a war tearing the brothers apart once again because of the joint funds being allegedly diverted by one of the brothers and their other brother, Jude Okoye.

According to he souce she received from an insider a company wanted to acquire the music catalogue comprising all of the PSquare works but the conditions issued by them led to the unveiling of different secrets about what is happening to their finance.

She also claimed that the EFCC was involved in the issue and Jude Okoye was detained in the their custody before interference of the NFF President Amaju Pinnick.

Stella Dimokokorkus wrote in an extensive Instagram post to, “The music duo Psquare is at war again and this time, the problems tearing them apart looks like it will be more serious than what broke them up before..
Insiders allege that the brouhaha started when one of the Twins, Peter was approached by a company that wanted to buy Psquare music catelogue comprising all their works over the years..
The buyers allegedly gave a condition stating that the brothers had to show the (back-end), statement of account of royalties received over the years to enable them peg a price to what woud be paid for the catelogue.
Stella Dimoko Korkus Sources say nah there wahala start!
They say that Peter approached Jude and his twin Paul and told them what was proposed but after weeks of waiting for statement of account, it dawned on Peter that all was not well and sources say he began to investigate what was wrong..

Northside entertainment is the company Registered by Peter and Paul but their brother Jude made himself the only signatory to the account.
A can of worms opened on all fronts and Peter allegedly discovered that Northside music ‘ account had been diverting funds to a new company called Northside music which had Jude’s wife Ifeoma as a director with her family address used for registration…
The money in contention are Royalties due to the Singers from 2007 till date and running into millions of dollars…
Insiders squeal that the Economic crimes and financial commission (EFCC) is involved in the matter and Jude has allegedly officially agreed to fund diversion and all his accounts both in Nigeria and internationally have been frozen until further notice….
Paul in trying to take sides with Jude indicted himself as an accomplice who shares the money that was diverted with Jude..
The insider squealed that all Royalties have been shared by Jude and Paul, leaving Peter out of the sharing formular….
They were spotted at the EFCC office on Thursday June 6, 2024 and the atmospehre was hot with the brothers telling each other to do their worst….
Jude was in EFCC Detention until his last birthday when former NFF President Pinnick signed his bail bond so he could celebrate his birthday with his family at home……..
N a wah..”

It is yet to be clear if these claims are right as both sides are yet to make a statement regarding the issue.