Businesswoman reveals discovery about Tapswap, why she won’t join

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Nigerian businesswoman, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze educates those participating in the Tapswap crypto project while revealing discovery after doing a little digging.

In a detailed Facebook post, Chioma labelled the trend as a ‘Tapping pandemic’ while hinting at it being unclear.

She revealed that Tapswap was created by a Kenyan named Kibiru Mutaka while questioning the project’s profit-sharing model and how it earns money merely from users tapping their screens.

Due to these uncertainties, she decided against investing her time in the project as she wished those fully invested success.

Tapswap in Nigeria and why it is a pandemic

Everyone is tapping; Tapping their phones.
Few days, ago, I saw someone make a post about it. Young men rushed out to drag him. They say he is insulting their means of making money. They poured out their anger on the post.

So I went in search of what this tapping means. A Kenyan guy called Kibiru Mutaka built it. They say it is a decentralized exchange built on something they call Solana. It is a blockchain – crypto thing.

They say they have processed over one billion dollars in transaction and the company makes money from fees, then shares these fees with its tappers.
Nigerians are jumping into the tapping in hundreds.

I hear they are making money tapping and tapping their phones all day.
I went to seek what the top experts are saying about the tapping pandemic.
No one seems to be sure if it is the next Crypto Rugpull or a genuine thing. They all say they will allow you decide for yourself.

Because I have never really understood a thing about Crypto, I cannot say more than this. My simple principle in life is to do only what I understand when it relates to business, investment or even how to spend my daily productive hours. I wish you all happy tapping. Let me focus on what I understand.”