“God Bless You Femi”– Fans Praise Femi Adebayo For Calling Tpumping Back After He Ignores Monsuru Handshake (Video)

created by photogrid

A trending video of Tpumping boss has emerged on social media with massive reaction to the video.

Tpumping boss was seen shaking everyone including Femi Adebayo but refused to shake Monsuru despite that Monsuru was trying to shake him until Femi Adebayo called him back that he had not shake Monsuru that was when he Shaked him.

But if Femi Adebayo did not call him back he won’t shake him despite Monsuru at his front trying to shake him.

Many hail Femi Adebayo for good leadership and for calling attention that he had to greet Monsuru before going.

_hyperbeatz wrote: Femi Adebayo noticed that and made him do the needful. That’s a brotherly love right there.

Sunkraine wrote: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your going out and coming back today shall be safe! Somebody pls say Amen!!🙏🏾

Ewalagos.ng wrote: You think say Monsuru broke? Dey play! The shaker probably doesn’t have a relationship with him or he’s absent minded.

Nickiegoldee wrote: I rather be poor than have that kind big stomach like that man.. chai see the way he ignored the other guy

_timiade wrote: If nah me, the moment Egbon tell ham make he shake me after the shenking like this, I go con shenk ham too doge my hand. Ajeh 💯

Ika_promoter1 wrote: That’s why I don’t give a Fock who u be! So If not Femi Adebayo he wouldn’t have seen his hand Abi!? Anyway sha make money ooo 😂😂

Pitakwa_of_uyo wrote: Not me Weh get Anger problem. If I for shake you again make I bend

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