“Help me to Search for my Family” —Man stuck in Nigeria 14 years after leaving wife and kids in UK Seek Help

created by photogrid

Man who allegedly used to live in Manchester, UK recounts how he left his wife and kids abroad 14 years ago and has since been unable to return.

The elderly man was interviewed by a man who asked him some series of question.

He revealed that he used to live in Manchester city in the UK.

According to him he has two kids, twins, with his wife but they’re still all in the UK.

He stated that he had left the country in 2010 and hasn’t returned ever since then.

Read the comments below:

romanqudus said: “You sure say them no use jazz drag this man come house sha ?”

unrulyslimgee said: “Who else notice when the man want to describe the address he keep coughing hmm LIFE”

kmaxxvibes said: “Man hustle, Man take care of family, Man fall, family forget man, man dey alone”

coralosaa said: “Daddy it’s going to be hard to locate your family do you have their whereabouts In Manchester I can do a search for u”

oman_malonia said: “Nothing anybody want tell me this Vv baba na Jazz them take bring am come back house Aje…. I know someone whey this kind stuff don happen to before”

ladyrac said: “The information is not correct Vv because Manchester is not in London,they both are different cities in the UK.The wife sounds like a white lady and,the names he gave of his kids are not very clear. Life hmm may Nigeria f § not happen to me and everyone watching this video. It’s well I pray that someone in the UK sees the video”

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