“I want to thank you for raising me well” – Bimbo Afolayan celebrates mother birthday with sweet words

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Nollywood actress and mother of two Abimbola Ogunnowo Afolayan has penned a sweet tribute to celebrate her mother’s new age.

She shared photos of herself looking beautiful like her sitting mother, on Instagram.

Afolayan appreciates her mother for her sacrifices and attention from her tender age up till this moment.

The beautiful fair skinned actress spoke about how her mother became her money bank whenever she was in need, thanking her specially for such efforts.

She ended her tribute with prayer for longevity of life for her dearest mother.

“Happy birthday to the love of my life
My mother @alhaja_ojasope20
Every year I come here and write so much poetry about how you bath me and cared for me hmmmmm I am lucky to have you as my mother
This year I want to thank you for raising me well
For the times I forgot to thank you,
For all the special things you do ,
For some words that go unspoken,
Mom just know that I love you

You always stop and listen ,
To my triumphs and my fears ,
Encouraging and teaching me ,
And sometimes drying tears .

And if sometimes I forget to tell you ,
I truly hope you see,
I appreciate all the things you do ,
And you mean the world to me .

Mom even though my words will never do enough in thanking you for the great contribution you made in my life ,I want you to know I am deeply grateful for you .you have supported me and encouraged me throughout my entire life .

My cash madam my vault , the only one that borrows me money when I need it lol ! The one that sold and sold her jewelries for me to be me today ‘ I will forever be grateful mummy @alhaja_ojasope20

On this special day I pray that Almighty Allah in his infinite mercies continue to bless you and grant you long life and prosperity to enjoy all you have worked for amen “