“If e easy, Run am” —Man flaunts AA genotype medical report, slams lady with AS for rejecting his romantic advances

created by photogrid

A Nigerian guy sparked outrage when he lashed out at a lady with an AS genotype for rejecting his overtures despite his AA genotype, while also flaunting his medical certificate.

This is contained in a recent post in which the aforementioned male can be seen screaming his rage at being rejected by a lady despite his medical report.

In the video labeled ‘AA dey toast, AS you dey do shakara’, the man can be heard detailing what happened between himself and a lady.

He stated he tried to court a lady, but she was too prideful and ignored him. To demonstrate his importance, he showed her his genotyping test, which revealed that he is AA.

As he does so, he berates the lady for rejecting his overtures despite the fact that she has Asperger syndrome.

His comments piqued the interest of various social media users, who filled the post’s comment section to express their opinions.

See some reactions below:

DavidSmith: “So all AA blood group dey get mouth like this me just dey in low key just carry my own AA dey inside since hmm i will be coming out now o.”

S.O.G Interior decorations: “AA with A+ blood group gather here,we are human benz oooo.”

RîČhŁîÑg🌹🌹BàNkŠ🏦🏧✅: “Most Emmanuel are just God gift 💝😊. Na Peter my Mama carry give me oooo!”

PrinceOzi: “AS are stronger than AA so I see the Sakara wey you Dey do here.”

Happy_BÒI: “Government suppose day pay us AA salary o.”

Phyina DC: “Me sef I be AA but na AA we go chop keep playing?”

Presh kenny: “People no know at my age I don’t know my genotype if no be yesterday.”