“I’m a poor phone repairer; but my Billionaire brother, prefers to help outsider than me” – Cubana Chief Priest’s brother Pascal cries out [Video]

created by photogrid

Bethel Okechukwu, who claims to be the younger brother of popular celebrity barman Paschal Okechukwu, also known as Cubana Chief Priest, recently took to social media to seek help from Nigerians.

In an emotional post, Bethel alleged that despite his brother’s wealth, he is struggling to make ends meet as a phone repairer at Alaba International Market.

He expressed his frustration, noting that while Cubana Chief Priest is generous to outsiders, he has not extended the same generosity to him.

In his own words, Bethel said, “I’m a poor phone repairer at Alaba International Market who’s suffering to make ends meet, whereas I have an elder brother, Cubana Chief Priest, who’s a billionaire. He’s generous to outsiders. I pray one day he’ll remember me too.”

Bethel’s plea has sparked conversations online, with many netizens expressing sympathy for his situation and hoping that Cubana Chief Priest will reach out to his alleged younger brother.

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