“I’m the Queen Mother, Trillions of you can not stop Me” – Iyabo Ojo vows as she Reveal he will never stop fighting online

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Iyabo Ojo, an actress, is changing her ways in relation to her battle with Very Dark Man. The gorgeous actress announced a truce on Instagram in reference to the ongoing back and forth between herself and the controversial social media activist.

In her post, Iyabo Ojo wrote;

Queen Mother: Unstoppable, Unshakable, Undefeatable! I’Il continue to lend my voice when necessary….

No amount of lies, deceit, manipulation, gaslighting, or trolling even with a trillion trolls – can silence me.

To Obim, my wonderful children, families, friends, loved ones, colleagues, fans, well-
wishers, and my management team, I’ve heard your advice and messages, which have boosted my confidence and resilience.

I’m committed to speaking truth despite adversity. Thank you for your love and support, both private and public.

I’ll take your advice and ignore the negativity, but l’Il never stop speaking up when necessary. For now, it’s all about peace and love.”

Iyabo Ojo stated in her post that she had been advised by her loved ones not to engage in any more online squabbles with Very Dark Man.