“It will be a Blessing in your family if you have a Daughter like Me” —Saida Boj Callout Her Haters After Her Instagram and Tiktok Accounts Were Banned, Vows to Open More

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Saida Boj, an influencer, has finally spoken out after being ban from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, expressing her determination to never cease expressing her opinions.

This well-known figure in the media industry faced the consequences of her controversial statements made during the Honest Bunch podcast.

In response, she made it clear that she will persist in creating new accounts if she continues to face bans.

Furthermore, she emphasized that she will not back down from her words and will continue to assert the same viewpoints she had previously expressed.

Netizens’ reactions …

iam_alexanthony commented: “If she takes her own advice, 20 million wouldn’t be a thing for her also to spread her legs or any part of her body”

itsapril may wrote: “Nobody was celebrating your fall don’t make yourself feel so important we were just happy the nuisance was gone for a while”

taiwo___55555 wrote: “Werey don over cry Sher eyes are swollen”

nembe_boy said: “I don report this account too. I no dey tire. Anyone you open I go report am… I no kuku get work.”

sashatobzz stated: “I love this !! una don meet una match !! lol abeg make I go back to making money so my daughter will not sleep with no one for 20 million !! Her ideas doesn’t affect me or my family so bye”

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