Lady publicly appreciates boyfriend who washes her pyantt and underwear

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Nigerian lady gushes and appreciates her man as she shares a video of him washing her underwear.

The lady went online to reveal some of the acts of service her boyfriend performs without complaints.

She revealed that her boyfriend is the sort who doesn’t see anything wrong in washing her underwear.

A video she shared showed the moment she captured the boyfriend washing some clothes inside the toilet room.

When she asked him what he was doing, he informed her he was washing her pants.

She lamented that she had told him several times to stop washing her underwear but he doesn’t want to listen.

Check out some reactions that followed …

bond_not_james commented: “Na poverty cause am. He has nothing else to offer, just words of encouragement and pant washing”

rosythrone wrote: “What’s the definition of boundary again?? Someone needs to hear it. Not everything is for the internet”

kii_ra0 penned: “This sister resemble James brown ooo😂”

ade.suwa_ chided: “You guys just enjoy putting your partner up for dragging…cause what exactly are we supposed to do with this information 🤦🏽‍♀️”

lady_b_collectibles wrote: “So una Dey pull una dirty under wear keep😂 like your underwear go Dey laundry basket for days😢 Tufiakwa😩 what happens to washing them In The batheroom immediately after pulling it off🤦🏾‍♀️ chaii
Omo if you know 2 eyes must not see your dirty underwear raise your hands 😂”

Watch video below …