Lady shares her worrying observation about Junior Pope’s first son during burial

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A Nigerian lady has shared her tearful observation about the first son of late Junior Pope during his father’s burial which was held in Enugu.

The Facebook user, Nenye Uzowulu, lamented that he looked so painful by his father’s death that he almost jumped into the grave.

She wrote: “Did you watch the part when Junior pope first son was called to pour sand in his father’s grave? “I’m more concerned about his first son. He nearly jump into that grave. the cut is deep. His tears and voice was loud enough that I knew junior pope wish he could do something at that moment. But he is more like a Shadow now. Who so ever that cut short the life of that young man… “In speed Darlington voice, iga eji ala zere mmiri.”

Chinemelem Eze Chika reacted: “I was only crying throughout my watching the video. The second son was confused and doesn’t know wots going on. May people who are involved in cut shorting the live of that young man no no peace ✌️.”



Favour Oluchi said: “They better take the guy to hospital after this burial, that little dude has cry out blood. My heart weep.”

Amaechina Stephanie said: “I cry as if he is my brother burial. I never feel this way about death. His first son could have seen his lifeless body when they brought him from the morgon, I was just imagining how the shadow of his father will be feeling seeing that boy, it’s just painful.”

Ureh Norah Chiamaka said: “It broke me. The second son is confused why everyone is crying. He believes the Father just traveled. The last son dont even know what is happening. I know the pain, exactly the age my Nieces and nephew dey when they lost their Dad my best brother inlaw. None of them understood what was happening.”

Nelly Nex said: “The cry of his first son was so emotional, I cried so bitterly watching it. May God rest his soul.”