Late Mohbad’s Wife Mocks His Father’s Statement About Liam Not Being His Grandson Due To His Bow Legs

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Omowunmi Aloba, the widow of the late musician Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has strongly responded to her father-in-law, Mr. Joseph Aloba’s statement regarding Liam not being considered a part of their family due to his bow legs. In a firm rebuttal, Omowunmi expressed her disagreement with Mr. Aloba’s stance.

Previously, it was reported by gistlover that Mr. Aloba, in an audio interview that gained widespread attention on social media, asserted that Liam, his late son’s child, is not his grandchild.

He justified this claim by pointing out Liam’s “bow legs” and argued that such a physical trait is not present in their family lineage.

Expressing her dismay, Omowunmi refuted any allegations of foul play in Mohbad’s death and dismissed Mr. Aloba’s suspicions about her involvement. She also emphasized that Liam is indeed a part of their family and called for unity and understanding during this difficult time.

In a sly retort to Mr. Aloba’s bold declaration, Wunmi’s response was anything but direct. A video, strategically leaked by one of her inner circles, captured the moment when Wunmi, with an air of defiance, called out to Liam, her son.

With an unmistakable edge in her voice, she demanded that he showcase his bow legs, almost daring anyone to challenge his legitimacy as a member of their family.

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