“Liam has bow legs, their is no bow leg in our family” – Mohbad’s father continues to accuse Wunmi of paternity fraud

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Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, has continued to debunk claim that Liam is Mohbad’s son.

In a Fresh new story, during an audio interview which he he willingly obliged to be recorded in, he expressed that his wife’s concubine is the person responsible for Mohbad’s death.

He stated that DNA is still a must. He revealed how Wumi had stated that it was Made hand who deflowered her. However, if she was so certain, why was she running away from doing a DNA test?

He went on to state how Liam has bow legs and that they do not have bow legs in the Aloba family. He went on to spill that Wunmi should take the boy to his real father. He also expressed that it was sad that wicked people killed Mohbad in his prime.

He begged Nigerians for support in his fight for justice. In another audio which was shared, he added that he would never accept the boy as his grandchild because his son did not accept the one-year-old as his son when he was alive.

“FROM BABA MOHBAD: All The names Mohbad mentioned in the petition he wrote, were involved in his de*th. I still insist that his wife’s concubine k!lled him. This is why DNA is a must.

Wunmi said my son deflowered her so why is she running away from DNA? Liam has ‘bow legs’. We don’t have bow legs in The Aloba family. She should take the boy to his father. It is so sad that these w! cked people k!Iled my son at his prime. Nigerians should please support me as I fight for Justice for my son”

However, recall that in the beginning of April 2024, Mohbad’s dad had been heard stating that even though he knew that Liam was his grandson, Wunmi should do the DNA test for Nigerians. He maintained that it was important for Wunmi to satisfy the curiosity of concerned Nigerians.

This statement shows that he personally was not in doubt of Liam being his grandson. However, he needed Wumi to be able to satisfy Nigerians.