Married Female Youth Corper Caught Sleeping with Male Colleague 24 Hours After Arriving NYSC Camp

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An NYSC member, who is married, was discovered engaging in an inappropriate relationship with her male colleague during the three-week orientation camp.

This incident occurred shortly after the campers had just arrived at the camp for their compulsory service.

As a consequence of violating one of the NYSC rules, the young woman was promptly dismissed and sent home.

The details of this incident were disclosed on the X app by the user @thebearded_sina, who mentioned that it occurred at Non-wam Gbam Tai in Rivers state during his own camping experience.

The post reads, “During my camp at Non-wam Gbam Tai in Rivers. Apparently I think it is a NYSC rule that you must not be caught having sex on camp. If caught you’re sent out”.

“Day 2, A married woman was caught having sex with a camper. She had to be sent home. Imagine being sent back to your husband for having sex with a stranger 24 hours after traveling to another state for Nysc.”

Checkout his post below:


The post elicited a significant response as individuals on social media expressed their opinions online.

Some reactions are shown below:

@nkemdiii said, “Same thing happened when I camped Nonwa Gbam Tai… Most married women voluntarily went home on day 1.., a few got caught and were sent home… by end of week 1 almost all married women in my room had gone home”.

@Quin_didi said, “I saw a married woman take off her ring so guys could buy food for her at Mami market. Food?”

@papilayi said, “I served here too doctor…. They warned us sternly not to have any affair with housewives after camping that their husbands have jazz o. 😂”.

@meninohaydan said, “Crazy thing about the one that happened at ikare akoko camp was, the husband had to be called by the camp authorities to come carry her home, imagine that long drive knowing why your wife was sent back home, I just can’t imagine.”

@UcheychukwuO said, “2days in obubra even soldiers were caught with married women and single men.. A married man whose wife just gave birth to twins the day after was caught doing threesome.