“My first salary was N53.4m”—Nigerian Lady working as software engineer in UK reveals

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A UK-based software engineer has created a video in which she discusses her first overseas salary of £30,000 (53,451,660).

The woman questioned why so many people outside of the UK were shocked to learn that her first income was so high.

One of the wealthiest women in technology has disclosed her first software engineering salary.

The woman (@_jenniferopal) claimed to be getting £30,000 (N53,451,660) a year and asked repeatedly why this was considered extravagant by people outside of the UK.

She said:

“When I talk about my salary, a lot of people are quite surprised. So I find that it’s people outside the UK are actually quite surprised.”

Watch her Speaks Below;

The software engineer added that after switching to a new employer, her salary climbed to £3,150 (N5,549,581.8).

She asserts that her pay grew dramatically when she started working for US-based corporations since she was able to buy six-figure stocks.

Many people talked about their experiences with tech pay in her comment section.

few responses listed below:

Joshuauk6 asked: “Are you a front end or back end software developer?”

Praise Ara asked: “Do you mind me asking how you find US based job roles?”

ceora coding n stuff asked: “Why is there so much of a difference between UK and USA salaries?”

jide1205 said: “US-based companies pay way better. I worked with a US-based investment company. The pay was mad. They pay well if u are skilled.”

Erin said: “My first job was £18k. I would have died for £30k.”

Furgie said: “My first tech job was 20k – I just wanted to get my foot into the industry.” She replied: “Yep. Glad you took it! That first step always opens doors for bigger steps.”


Replying to @Daina I wish it was £30,000 a month but it was a good stepping stone for where I’m at now! 😅 How much was your first tech role? #fyp #foryoupage #techtok #techsalaries #firsttechjob #getintotech #breakintotech

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