“My Popsi na Egba, He No Sabi Eat Pizza”– Trending Video Veteran Actor Sokoti Alagbedeorun As His Daughter Was Seen Teaching Him How To Eat Pizza

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Veteran Actor Sokoti Alagbedeorun  Has stirred massive reactions as his daughter shared a funny video of the video of the actor

In the video, the veteran actor was seen eating pizza for the first and he did not know how to eat the pizza until his daughter taught him how to eat.

Many of the fans who came across the video were so to see the veteran actor again and also that he his living a good life now

Read some social media reaction below;

Evacomedytv_ wrote: Remember the first time I bought it for my Dad, he enjoyed it so much and then asked for the price and I told him 16k he warned me not to buy again 😂😂😂

Eminentauto_ wrote: What’s wrong with all these Gen Z baddie sef? You putting your father eating pizza on social media for clout? smh! everything now is for clout.. 😭😞😳

Admiral4353 Wrote: @eminentauto_ there is nothing absolutely wrong with what she did, the dad is already a public figure, a Yoruba Nollywood actor. It’s lovely watching it. She didn’t post the way d father was beating the mother or how irresponsible the father is. She posted a lovely father.

Brown_signature wrote: This is my mummy😂 anytime you give her sharwama and pizza,next thing you will hear is bring flat plate 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Gbengaartsmith wrote: I bet he washed his hand before digging in. See as he dey cut the pizza like eba 😂

Evergreenflakky wrote: The elder actors that take care of their families, are enjoying the fruits at old age. This is one of the good examples

Paragonfoodsng wrote: Yoruba language sounds so good😄I don’t know what she’s saying but I’m just smiling😂

Watch The Video Below;