“N1million a month doesn’t sufficiently cover Imade’s needs” – Sophia Momodu tells Davido’s father in released Whatsapp conversation; netizens react

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Sophia Momodu isn’t taking her custody battle with singer Davido slightly as she has released a WhatsApp conversation between her and the singer’s father, Adedeji Adeleke.

In the chat, Sophia Momodu had responded to Davido’s father suggestion that Imade spend 2023 Christmas with his family. Still, she declined, stating that she already had her plans for her daughter. Sophia stated that she won’t need at least 2 months’ notice, as well as Davido’s carrying out his responsibilities to enable her allow Imade spend Christmas with them in the future.

Replying to her message, Davido’s father has expressed understanding in her wish as he noted how the notice was short. However, he emphasised that for Imade’s well-being, she and Davido must have joint custody of their daughter.

He assured her that Davido would continue to carry out his responsibilities, such as paying her school fees and lesson fees, paying N1 million monthly upkeep, paying her medical fees and contributing N5 million towards her accommodation.

Sophia had responded, informing him that those mentioned above weren’t enough to cover Imade’s needs sufficiently.

See the chat below,

Reacting to it, some expressed disappointment at how the billionaire father was dragged into their drama, while others questioned how N1 million isn’t enough for Imade’s upkeep.

One Kemi Bal wrote, “That was a very disrespectful text to send to David’s father

One Chivo Anderson wrote, “She said paying her fees, monthly rent of N5million and 1million upkeep doesn’t cover Imade’s needs. How much does she contribute?

One Rhukieee wrote, “I really hate that family issues are brought online

One Debby Whyt wrote, “1 million isn’t enough to feed Imade monthly? Sophia thinks Davido needs to be catering for her as well as her daughter

One Helen Daniel Lolo wrote, “Even Daddy is asking for joint custody, but being a mean person, she refused

One The Obii wrote, “Even Davido’s father is telling you that joint custody is the best. Keep her. Time will tell

One Miss Nogie wrote, “Wetin Imade dey eat, wey she go dey spend 1m?

One Ade Xo Xo wrote, “Davido’s dad is such a humble man, and he doesn’t deserve to have his chats plastered online tho”.