Nigerian lady breaks down online, vows never to stay loyal to Only one man again

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A Nigerian lady burst into tears on social media as she regretted and vowed never to stay loyal to one man again after staying loyal to a toxic man.

This was revealed in a video she made available on her TikTok page.

In the video, the lady could be seen shedding heavy tears while staring into the camera.

The video also included a caption that better explained the situation: “One mistake I will never make again is staying loyal to one guy. I have lost good months staying loyal to toxic men.”

The caption suggests that the woman is in tears over her failed relationship and regrets staying loyal to a man after losing several months of her life to a toxic relationship.

Her attitude and caption in the video attracted attention, and many individuals stormed the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below: 

D_LEKKI STORE IN LEKKI: “I hope love finds you,I hope it finds you at its best and healthy enough to last you a lifetime, I hope you meet someone who will wipe those eyes away from that pretty face of yours, and he’ll never fail to tell you how beautiful you are every day, like fine wine. He’ll treat spec… More.”

Sweetsisi 🥰💋: “I swear I’m just so heartbroken right now 💔💔💔.”

mhydeymhy203: “Take heart sis and the good one will definitely come ur way that will treat u like a queen 💕❤️‍🩹.”

Bussie preorder: “My sister we are in this together 😭😭I do cried everyday…. Thinking a generation curse is on my head 😭😭😭.”

Janejohnson: “I will still stay loyal oo 😫I just don’t know how to cheat.”

Underworld: “Don’t give up momma. There are still average and good guys out there. Having multiple partners exposes you to much more emotional hurt.”

Bakare Abisola Zimbiat: “woo!! commot face o, you dey learn ni, you won’t love too much again ni, it’s your body not his so it means you kept yourself… have self love. 🥰.”

Afolabi David Adeyi: “Why u kan dey cry na? U saw d red flags but u chose to ignore it due to the love u had for him. You Need God’s direction and remember to always stay faithful and loyal. Pele Dear. i know how u feel😍.”

Mobolaji William: “if you want to use the mistake of one guy to cheat on the next guy who comes into your life. you may still wise babe🚶🚶🚶.”

Rhemish: “you can’t blame the next man for the mistake u made , u knew he was toxic but yet u still stayed in the relationship. d deed as been done u just have to do better and keep ur eyes open for d nxt one.”



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