Old Video of Saida Boj Crying After Her Heart Was Broken by Her Boyfriend

created by photogrid

A video resurfaced online featuring the controversial influencer Saida Boj discussing about her heartbreak.

This development coincides with the backlash following her comments on a podcast she was a guest on

The reactions to her words were varied, ultimately resulting in the suspension of all her social media accounts.

The video, shared by @Benny7gg, captures the influencer recounting the story of her alleged boyfriend, Emeka, who broke her heart by leaving her in secret to marry another woman.

@Benny7gg wrote:

“so, this is actual the reason Saida Boj became a full time hookup girl? apparently a guy she loved broke her heart and ever since then she took a wrong turn. 😳”

Watch video below …

reacting to the post:

nimi__nelson21 penned: “You guys are bullying her atp, Let her be. She didn’t hurt anyone with her choice of lively hood. NO ONE IS A SAINT!”

rosythrone said: “Our governments are just happy with the way we care so much on irrelevant things, that we can’t see the dying country”

tobithestarrr wrote: “Every One has a Story that changed them either positively or negatively .. Don’t blame their opinions just focus on your focus”

akella_paul_ commented: “My own is does she write down the insult and memorize it before setting ring light?