Photo of pregnant 17-year-old girl and boyfriend chased out to the street by parents causes buzz online

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A disturbing photo of a 17-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend, who were reportedly kicked out from home due to the girl’s pregnancy, has emerged online, captivating the attention of many.

The photo, shared on Facebook by Chidi Ilozue, has stirred a wave of reactions and discussions on social media.

The photo, showing the young couple sitting on the street and clinging to each other for support, has deeply moved many viewers.

The boyfriend’s decision to stay with his pregnant girlfriend, despite her parents’ decision to chase her from their home, has garnered widespread admiration and sympathy.

The emergence of the photo has triggered a myriad of reactions, with numerous social media users voicing their dismay and condemnation towards the parents’ actions.

Netizens Reactions…

Mine Chordsn said; “No matter how a child came, it will always be a blessing from God.”

Uzochukwu Harrison said; “I am so happy the guy did not deny the pregnancy.”

Mark Kamanda said; “I feel for them but under no circumstances will I judge the parents because I have been there my daughter made a mistake we accepted her but she refused to be a child in our house she fought my wife she was forgiven when she did it for the second time I put her out You can call those parents any names you want the pregnancy is not the problem you know nothing about the things involved until it happens in your shoes.
The door is still open when you need help we will be there but only children will live with US…”

Prince Makafi asked; “How can I reach out to them and help them for the young man not abandoning the girl.”

Isaiah Sallau said; “Good for them.”

Asaniyan Muyiwa saud; “He loves her. They sud accept her back. They love each other. True love.”

Wisdom Marving said; “The guy is planning to runway.”

Tochi Onyeneke said; “If you no then pls give me their phone number.”

Lekunga Carine said; “Please guys help them. Abandoned of your daughter. This is not right.”

Edumma Gideon said; “What attracted me most is that the boy didn’t abandon her. May God forgive the parents. May God connect them to devine helper in Jesus mighty name amen.”

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