Phyna cry like a baby as She reveals BBN still owes her over N100 million

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Reality TV Star, Phyna, gets emotional on TikTok live, ask Nigerians to help her as BBN refuses to pay her and threatens that she cannot win them if she takes the matter up legally.

The winner of the season 7 episode of the show has been calling them out on social media for defaulting in their payment.

It has been over 2 years and she revealed she has still not been paid the 1 Bitcoin which was promised when she emerged the winner.

She revealed that Bitcoin was worth only N22 million in 2022 when she won the show but now it is over a N100 million.

Even though there has been a lot of back and forth with Multichoice over payments, there has been no substantial results.

Phyna revealed they told her to go ahead and do her worst, also threatening that if she takes the matter to court, she would never win them.

This statement enraged the online personality who stated that she is already exhausted with the situation and just wants her money paid.

She strongly believes that the organization did not give her fame as they both helped each other and BBN stated that her season made them the most money.

Watch the emotional video of Phyna crying