“Please let Us Help Many Of Our Veteran Actor”- Kunle Afod Beg For Help As He Visit Veteran Actor Baba Ngba Life Seeking For Help

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Nollywood actor Kunle Afod who has always taken it upon himself to help out poor veteran actor has said that some people reached out to him to help another veteran actor who lived close to Omiadio in Apata, Ibadan.

The veteran actor is Baba Ngba life, the husband of Iya ngba life, Kunle Afod went straight to his house, on getting there he came out and did not recognize Kunle Afod,  while he to the veteran that he was the person he called for help.

Kunle Afod asked him that is it because of old age that was why he stopped acting but the veteran actor told him that he still act but he can’t go alone to a far movie set.

He wrote: A visit to baba ngba life
Most of you might not recognize him
One of our nollywood veterans
Happy to meet him healthy
Is out on Kunleafod tv

Many Celebrities commended him for his good gesture and act of taking out time to check up on many Veteran actor.

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One crusy wrote: Pls sir try dey post their throw back movie video for recognition thanks

One eyisax wrote: You may not know that this your moves have given more life to these legends!!! You are giving them reasons not to give up😍

One adeniyibukola wrote: Hello sir, there is an old actor too that attend my church is name is baba dento

One ireakari wrote: Old age … nobody will escape it just make sure you are saving for that time…

One roselinebeauty wrote: Nollywood should stop making up for younger actors to make them look old. Let them bring back all these real old people na

One babrex wrote: The baba name makes us give an area father around 1995 that name ,Baba ngba life😀😀 good of you

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