Portable run to God beg for forgiveness after his pooronn videos went viral online (Watch)

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Nigerian singer Portable appears to be placing a high priority on God since his n3de pictures are allegedly leaking online,

Over the weekend, the street singer had called out a certain lady for allegedly leaking his n3de photos. He claimed that the lady was sharing his n3de videos to people as he reminded her that they both had s3x, as such, he has her own tapes.

Now taking to his Instagram page, Portable hinted at turning a new life as he shares a write-up on his spiritual growth. The write-up enlightened one on the importance of deepening one’s spiritual life which can lead to personal growth, inner peace and a stronger connection with God.

Read the write-up below,

“Deepening your spirituality is a wonderful journey that can lead to personal growth, inner peace and a stronger connection with God. Growing deeper in Christ means strengthening your relationship with Jesus and allowing his teachings and presence to profoundly impact your life.

Portable Baeby remember that growing deeper in Christ is a lifelong journey. It involves seeking Him daily, allowing His Spirit to transform you and living out His love in practical ways.

Every journey starts with the first step. Take your first step as you connect with the wonder of God working and revealing all things in our time today”.

On Sunday, Portable had cried out after getting hospitalized for the umpteenth time. He revealed that he was feeling pains all over his body as he prayed against untimely death.

In another post, he assured his fans not to panic as he made them know that he is alive and was only feeling pains. He declared that untimely death isn’t his portion.

This is the second time this year he would be hospitalized. Recall that in January, Portable had cried out to Nigerians after landing in the hospital following beating from his colleagues.

In a post on his Instagram page, he questioned if it’s only the dead Nigerians fight for, as he noted how there was a lot of evidence, yet no one was calling for justice for him.