Reason Why I Disappeared from Nollywood But Returning Now – Bukky Wright

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Bukky Wright, an actress from Nollywood, is well renowned in her native country. She regrettably took a long break from Nollywood, but she is back now.

Bukky ultimately provides an explanation for her departure and her recent return to the stage in a new interview with The Nigerian Tribune. She said the following.

Speaking about why she disappeared from Nollywood, Bukky Wright explained saying:

BUKKY WRIGHT: I just felt like doing something else for myself. I decided to go back to school and, you know, put my hands into something else. I’m happy I did. Now, I can boast that I’m a cyber security analyst. I’m certified in information security in the US. It felt good to at least try something out and go out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been somebody who would always go out of her comfort zone. I don’t believe in impossibilities.

At the time that I left, I had to leave because my children needed me more. I’m a mother and I would always say that I live for my children. My children needed me and I had to be at their beck call. You know there is always a time in the life of a mother that your children need you the most. And when they need you the most, you have to show up for them. That was what I did, and I did not want to waste that time doing nothing, career-wise. So, I challenged myself. I challenged my children as well. Sometimes they’re like, ‘Mommy, do you want to be a professor or what?’

Speaking about why she’s returned to the industry, she said:

BUKKY WRIGHT: I feel there’s still something in me to give to the entertainment industry in Nigeria. It actually hits to the core of my fans anytime I post anything on Instagram, they’ll be like, ‘You need to come back’. My sons also kept encouraging me, they said, ‘It’s time you go back again and do something in the movie industry in Nigeria.’ Right now, I’m here for Nora Awolowo. She brought me in for ‘Red Circle’.

It feels really good and I’m so happy about the warm welcome from everybody. I’m happy to be back. Did I miss the industry? Yes, I did.

Welcome back Bukky Wright!