Remi Tinubu sparks outrage as she cautions females over indecent dressing

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Nigeria’s First Lady, Senator Remi Tinubu, shares her two cents on the persistent indecency when it comes to dressing amongst females.

She shared this with an audience at a recent event which held in the country.

The Senator advised that more ladies should throw away nudity and embrace a more modest approach to fashion.

She insists that nudity is not part of the Nigerian culture and most of the young ladies are trying to imbibe fashion standards from Westernized countries.

The wife of the president shared her observation, noticing how men are better clothed and more work should be put into encouraging women to do same.

However, many netizens did not share her sentiments and expressed their displeasure in the comments.

Here are some of them below

oreoluwa_4089 reacted: “Coming from someone whose child dresses anyhow in London? 😂”

lolochychy asked: “How’s that affecting the duties of your husband and his cohorts? I’m not in support of immOral dressing but pls face the business you guys forced yourselves into!”

sisi_derin agreed: “It’s true mummy, stealing and corruption too, it’s not part of our culture”

romanranking responded: “Did you and your husband create jobs for them?”

samueligbinosa201 commented: “See the female commenting nonsense when u people are suppose to take this wisdom and correct your lifestyle”

sarah. khese added: “The one when you suppose talk, you nor go talk!! 100 girls are being married off in the north as a way to elevate female poverty and you haven’t made a comment about it. What are your plans to empower girls and women Madame, most especially those in the north being oppressed by misogynistic cultural and religious leaders ?”

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