“See As Fine Girl They Help Me For American”- Jigan Babaoja Shares Positive Treatment He Received As Disabled Person In America

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Nigeria Actor Jigan Babaoja, criticized his country while discussing the true benefits of being disabled in America, a country run by men.

He posted a video of herself pushing him in a wheelchair when he first arrived in the US. Because of his limb ailment, he was given the option to use a wheelchair.

He remarked that the Nigerian mentality of rejecting pity still lingers in his mind. In contrast, during his time in America, he has never seen a disabled person like himself walking alone without assistance.

In his words: “The real advantage of disability in another part of the world 🌎, since I have been traveling up and down , they gave me option of getting a wheelchair cos of my leg, but Nigeria mentality of not wanting anyone to pity me hasn’t left my head ! Since I have been going around in the USA 🇺🇸 I have never see anyone like me walking by themself without someone pushing them ! But if na that country instead make them carry me na wetin dey my pocket dem go want collect !!!! Eni se gbangban tirintigbaaaaa if I enter naija if una no offer my wheelchair 🦼 epe lema gba ! This simple means I’m actually a special being ! Touch down chicago 🇺🇸🇺🇸. Make I go apply for SSI jeje”