“She calls him for real” – Young lady leaves many speechless as she calls American music mogul Jay-Z during an interview (Video)

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A young lady has left many in a speechless state following a video that surfaced online where she makes a phone call to American music mogul Jay-Z during an interview.

During the interview, the male interviewer asked the young lady for the name of the most famous person on her contact list.

Responding the young lady raises eyebrows as she disclosed that the most famous person on her contact list is American rapper Jay-Z.

Upon hearing this, the interviewer was left in a doubtful state and by extension asked the young lady “So if I asked you to call Jay-Z right now, you are going to call?”

Responding the young lady said that she would call the music mogul without any hesitation, she said; “I’m gonna call bro.”

Several eyebrows were later raises as the young lady shows how confident she is as she proceeded by showing the interviewer Jay-Z number on her phone.

Still doubtful of the young lady, the interviewer asked her to call Jay-Z right now if she wants him to believe her.

He said; “I want you to call Jay-Z right now, if you want me to believe you, do you think if you call Jay-Z he is gonna pick?”

The young lady responded; “Sure 100%.”

The young lady fulfilled her words by dialling the Jay-Z number on her phone, the phone rings and by extension a Jay- Z responded by picking the call and even mentioned the young lady name stating that he his at a meeting and would call her back.

Watch the video below;

Note that According to Forbes, as of November 2023, superstar rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z boasts a net worth of $2.5 billion.

Jay-Z, who became the first billionaire rapper in 2019, has amassed his $2.5 billion net worth through his music and a series of successful business ventures, including his lucrative liquor brands.

In 2023, Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé purchased the most expensive home ever sold in California, acquiring a 40,000-square-foot property in Malibu for $200 million.