“She don dey get Sense” —Netizen React As Ashabi Simple finally replied Portable hours after he call her out for not visiting him while in Police detention

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Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple one of the baby mamas of the musician spoke out Hours after the well-known singer Portable called her out,

It is no longer news that the controversial singer was arrested twice last week; for unpaid debt and for assaulting a police officer.

Following his release, Portable had taken to social media to drag Ashabi for not sticking by him during his tough time.

He noted how she said in an interview that she can’t do without Portable and would cry, if he doesn’t kiss her, yet sue didn’t visit him at the station.

He claimed that the mother of one was busy on movie set, ignoring him; yet would publicly shower him with praises and profess love for him.

In what seems like a response to his latest tantrum, Ashabi told her followed to avoid people who don’t have anything to lose. She stated that such people don’t care about other’s goals.

“Avoid people that don’t have what to lose, they don’t care about other’s goals”.

Many of her fans reacted to her words

Billybillywrote: Your husband was arrested you didn’t went to check on him, that’s not a good behavior

Rovk_nighty wrore: Sisterhood is proud of you😍Focus on yourself and let them beg @ your doorstep 😂May almighty Allah crown your hustle 🙏

Mumcy_mariam wrote: Now you are having more sense Asabi 👏👏👏 .

Therealesthergold wrote: Why u sef no go check up on daddy for yaba sorry I mean kirirkirri

Queen_dasocat wrore: Good bless Ur hussle jaree sis😍In Addy to fitilamihan