“She must be obeyed” – Netizens react to alleged report of how Funke Akindele pressured Mo Abudu to decast Toyin Abraham from Chief Daddy movie

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Social media users are reacting to an alleged report of how Nollywood actress and box office King, Funke Akindele pressured media mogul, Mo Abudu to decast Toyin Abraham from a movie.

According to Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls, Mo Abudu had originally casted Toyin Abraham for Chief Daddy and had sent her payment, script and all; only for Funke to pressure Mo Abudu, to decast Toyin to she wouldn’t be part of the movie. The blogger claimed Cutie Julls succumbed to her demand and replaced Toyin Abraham with Kate Henshaw.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Mo Abudu and Funke didn’t last long after Mo Abudu told Beverly Osu what Funke told her about the upcoming actress (Beverly). Funke learnt about it and had cut ties with the media mogul.

The blogger further claimed that Funke did the same with Beverly Osu as she tried pressuring Mo Abudu to decast her in a movie but for the intervention of Joke Silva, Beverly Osu was saved. Cutie Julls claimed that the issue almost led to a confrontation between Beverly and Funke after she got wind of it.

“I remember that time when Mo Abudu was casting CHIEF DADDY.

From very reliable source in Aunty Mo’s production team, Toyin was originally listed . They sent her full payment, script and all only for Funke to tell Aunty Mo to decast Toyin or she [Funke] will not be part of the movie.

That was how Aunty Mo had to use diplomacy to collect a refund from Toyin.

She then replaced Toyin with Kate. You know Aunty Mo and Funke were very very close until after she told Beverly Osu what Funke said about her and then when Funke heard it, she took a little distance from her. Anyway that’s just by the way.

But the main issue here is that people should allow people get their daily bread and keep personal beef’s aside. It’s not like people have to be close paddies before they can work together.

Funke nearly succeeded in making Aunty Mo decast Beverly if not the intervention of Aunty Joke Silva. Funke and Bev nearly fought physical on that job cuz Bev got furious when she heard it.

Because to her, she had no issues with Aunty Funke. The only issue was that she asked for pay increase on the Jeniffer’s diary job and Funke said no she can’t increase and so she Bev, quit”.

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One DeeDee Love wrote, “But what’s going on? I’m beginning to see something like SHE MUST BE OBEYED being a true life story. Hmmm

One Symply Teemah wrote, “She really must be obeyed

One I Am Blessed Yes wrote, “Funke na cabal, no be today and everybody knows this, if not for Ay Comedian, she would have succeeded in ruining Toyin’s career because of Adeniyi Johnson, but Toyin sef no pure

One Kachy Eze wrote, “She must be obeyed

One Sholz Collection wrote, “So I heard ooo, that if u invite them to the same party Funke won’t attend Toyin is attending. Only God knows the truth sha

One Kamtodan wrote, “Should we now believe Mercy Johnson was guilty of same according to other actors?

One Poshtee Fabrics wrote, “None of them is a saint, Oya next

One The Real Tolani wrote, “And they all like a goddess on the media”.