“She no even weear Brahh”– Actress Itunu Anita Spark Reaction with her New Su|try Photo

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Nollywood actress Akinbayode Itunu Anita has shared a beautiful pictures on showing her natural beauty.

She shared a picture which she open her booooby by herself just in order to advertise her new movie ORO which she revealed that is fans should please go and watch her movie on YouTube.

Netizens hail for producing such a wonderful move why some scold her for trying to open herself in other to sell her market.

My name is Sofiya but I prefer Sophia 😅 if you haven’t seen my movie ORO you won’t understand this post
ORO is now showing on YouTube via @yorubaplustv 🙏

Read some social media reaction below;

Pweetietimah wrote: Stop calling me sofiya uncle, my name is Sophia😂Sophia mouth bad chai😂

Tglambeautyhome7 wrote: You too abuse….what can a classy lady be doing with a classless man o deep gan….wetin dat man do you😂😂😂😂

Odunayo6486 wrote: I can’t wait for part 2 so interesting ❤️❤️

Ko_re_de_2 wro: Sophia watch your mouth @iamakinbayode_itunu can’t wait for the part 2

Successor_7 wrote: And why do you end the movie laidat it’s bad I don’t even know maybe it had part 2

Aranke_libra05 wrote: Sophie too proud how can you disrespect @temitopearemuofficial  boyfriend like that 😂

Oyinuola wrote: Sophia I thought you said the man is too ugly for you 😭 na month wan finish you anyways I’m waiting for part 2